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Serving youth in west Georgia's Carroll, Douglas, and Haralson counties.

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October 2020 Newsletter

Jamboree on the Air 2020 is tomorrow and news from the District Committee

Gene Liverman

3 minutes read

Don't miss the once in a long time opportunity to participate in the Largest Annual scouting activity. Jamboree on the Air is coming to our District this weekend. Cub Scouts will have fun things to do. Older scouts will enjoy talking to other scouts around the US and world. Non-scouts are welcome to come too. Take the three minutes to watch the video made just for us in Indian Springs District posted in our Facebook group here. Don't miss out!

Many thanks to Helen for taking notes this…

August 2020 Newsletter

It's hot, schools are about to start again, and your District Committee is continuing to work to bring you a vibrant Scouting program.

Gene Liverman

3 minutes read


"Hot" by DBduo Photography is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Roundtable is this Thursday, Aug. 20th @ 7pm via Zoom. See the details below and then join us Thursday!

Happy August everyone! This month’s newsletter includes an upcoming opportunity for earning the Rifle Shooting Merit Badge, notes on our most recent District Committee meeting, details on this week’s upcoming Roundtable, and an inspiring post about a troop who built a museum in their meeting space.

April & May 2020 Newsletter

One newsletter to rule them all... or to at least cover what's been going on for the last couple of months.

Gene Liverman

6 minutes read

Broken Clocks

"Broken Clocks" by Aydin Palabiyikoglu is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

This combined edition of the Indian Springs newsletter comes to you from a place where time is only starting to once again have meaning. Like so many other people I know, sheltering in place has caused me to lose all track of what day it is and even what month it is. The result: one newsletter to rule them all… or to at least cover what’s been going on for the last couple of months. This edition is simply a set of minutes from each meeting. We’ll aim to have a more engauging…

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We are located in west Georgia, serving Scouts in Carroll, Douglas, and Haralson counties. We serve all ages of Scouts from all backgrounds. Scouting programs include Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing, and Varsity Scouts. There is something for any youth from the first grade up to age 21.