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July 2021 Newsletter

It's summer time which means camping now and fall recruiting is just around the corner

Gene Liverman

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Happy July everyone! Here’s what happened during this month’s District Committee meeting:

We started with pledge, oath, and law by way of Zoom and this awesome video:

Our first order of business was actually to celebrate Kyle Taylor’s son earning his Eagle Scout!

Andy Camp on recruiting and membership

  • we are lacking a DE right now which poses some challenges for recruiting
  • we have lost 6 or 7 units that did not recharter which means we are having to shuffle what schools are assigned where
  • we have also identified several places that may be interested in starting new units
  • 22nd is going to be a kickoff for recruiting instead of Round Table. It will be simulcast in person and Zoom. More information is available at Indian Springs Fall Recruitment Kickoff Event

Mike Handyside for Advancement

  • we seem to be rolling along pretty good. This is a case of no news is good news.
  • An Eagle board is happening in Douglasville.
  • Best process for merit badge counselor is to use the online form and send it directly to Donna Horn and cc Mike

Kyle Taylor on Training

  • Training Report – July 8, 2021
    • Overall Trained: 70.15%
    • District Staff Trained: 77.78
    • Overall District YPT: 98.30%
    • Number of YPT Expired Leaders: 4
    • Number of YPT Renewals for July: 1
  • All expired people should have gotten multiple emails from both the BSA system and Kyle
  • Council will be dropping people from roles very soon if they are expired
  • As a reminder, you cannot participate in Scouting in any way if YPT is expired
  • Drew and Kyle are available for in-person training for any unit. All you have to do is be open to others coming and provide a location.
  • We are planning to do simulcast Roundtable too. More info to come
  • q from Mike: units typically have an Eagle coach attached to their units and this is a trained position… is Roundtable a good place to do this training?
  • A from Kyle: yes, perfectly appropriate and welcome.

Joe Mason on Activities and Program

  • Scout skills day was a big success. 50+ scouts from multiple districts attended and were very excited.
  • 47 for Cub Scout Field Day!
  • Camporee coming up soon
  • Joe also mentioned that Wood Badge IS HAPPENING SOON!

Georgia also on Program

  • We are a few weeks away from having our first female Eagle Scout!!!
  • Georgia and Joe will be meeting to plan District calendar for next 6 months An event will be added for incoming Cubs

Gene on Communications

  • talked about Zoom simulcasting and setting up an in person meeting location
    • Helen got some feedback about usability of our website and Gene will be connecting with the person to find out more.

Helen Albrightson

  • We are actively seeking a new Finance Chair as John S. is stepping down at the end of his term.
  • We will be resuming in person meetings in Carrollton on August 5; pending location confirmation.
  • Fall recruiting will be a team effort this year since we do not have a DE.

Kim Ah-Low

  • From last year to this year we have had 5 Scouts in Indian Springs graduate from NYLT.
  • Fall and Winter courses will be happening and courses in 2022 will be opening up soon. A new syllabus will be in use that was just approved. It has a lot of new activities and sessions.

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