Admin Guide

Editing or adding content

There are two ways that you can go about contributing content to our site. The first is to type something up and email it to the chair of the Communications Committee, Gene Liverman. The other way you can contribute is via GitHub. If the later appeals to you then check out the repository for this site here or reach out to Gene Liverman for more information.

Technical details

Below are a few of the technical details about how this site is setup:

  • The site runs on Netlify.

  • The site is build using Hugo. Hugo is one of the most popular open-source static site generators.

  • The and domains are registered with Gandi.

  • DNS for and are also through Gandi:

    @   300 IN ALIAS
    www 300 IN CNAME
    @   300 IN ALIAS
    www 300 IN CNAME

Help wanted

Seeing as you made it this far, I am assuming you have at least a passing interest in our site. If that is indeed the case then please reach out to Gene Liverman as we could really use any amount of help you are willing to provide.