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Indian Springs District, BSA

Serving youth in west Georgia's Carroll, Douglas, and Haralson counties.

Vice Chair of Program

graph LR DistrictChair[District Chair: Helen Albrightson] ViceChairProgram[Vice Chair of Program: Georgia Deakin] CampingOutdoor["Camping & Outdoor: vacant"] DayCampPromotion[Day Camp Promotion: vacant] OA[Order of the Arrow: Wayne Hicks] ResidentCamp[Resident Camp: vacant] HealthSafety["Health & Safety vacant"] ActivitiesCivicService["Activities & Civic Service: vacant"] Camporee[Camporee: vacant] PinewoodDerby[Pinewood Derby: vacant] ServiceProjectsCivicService["Service Projects & Civic Service: vacant"] HornadayAward[Hornaday Award: vacant] DistrictBanquet[District Banquet: Scott Bates] AdvancementRecognition["Advancement & Recognition: Dr. Ken Calain"] EagleBOR[Eagle BOR: vacant] MeritBadge[Merit Badge: vacant] Recognitions[Recognitions: vacant] ReligiousAwards[Religious Awards: vacant] DistrictAwards[District Awards: Scott Bates] Communications[Communications: Gene Liverman] Training[Training: Kyle Taylor] CubScout[Cub Scout: vacant] ScoutsBSA[Scouts BSA: vacant] NYLT[NYLT: vacant] YPT[YPT: vacant] DE0[District Executive: Carter Smith] DE0 -.- DistrictChair DE1[District Executive: Jacob John] DE1 -.- DistrictChair DistrictChair --- ViceChairProgram ViceChairProgram --- ActivitiesCivicService ActivitiesCivicService --- Camporee ActivitiesCivicService --- PinewoodDerby ActivitiesCivicService --- ServiceProjectsCivicService ActivitiesCivicService --- HornadayAward ActivitiesCivicService --- DistrictBanquet ViceChairProgram --- AdvancementRecognition AdvancementRecognition --- EagleBOR AdvancementRecognition --- MeritBadge AdvancementRecognition --- Recognitions AdvancementRecognition --- ReligiousAwards AdvancementRecognition --- DistrictAwards ViceChairProgram --- CampingOutdoor CampingOutdoor --- DayCampPromotion; CampingOutdoor --- OA; CampingOutdoor --- ResidentCamp; CampingOutdoor --- HealthSafety; ViceChairProgram --- Communications ViceChairProgram --- Training Training --- CubScout Training --- ScoutsBSA Training --- NYLT Training --- YPT

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We are located in west Georgia, serving Scouts in Carroll, Douglas, and Haralson counties. We serve all ages of Scouts from all backgrounds. Scouting programs include Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing, and Varsity Scouts. There is something for any youth from the first grade up to age 21.