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Indian Springs District, BSA

Serving youth in west Georgia's Carroll, Douglas, and Haralson counties.

Vice Chair of Finance

graph LR DistrictChair[District Chair: Helen Albrightson] ViceChairFinance[Vice Chair of Finance: John Sammon] GeneralFinance[General Finance: vacant] CampCardSales[Camp Card Sales: Charlene Bond] PopcornSales[Popcorn Sales: Samantha Kornegay] UnitFundraising[Unit Fundraising: vacant] FOS[Friends of Scouting: vacant] CommunityFOS[Community FOS: vacant] FamilyFOS[Family FOS: vacant] GoldenEagle[Golden Eagle: vacant] DE0[District Executive: Chadwich Harris, PA] DE0 -.- DistrictChair DE1[District Executive: roman Montgomery] DE1 -.- DistrictChair DistrictChair --- ViceChairFinance ViceChairFinance --- GeneralFinance; GeneralFinance --- CampCardSales; GeneralFinance --- PopcornSales; GeneralFinance --- UnitFundraising; ViceChairFinance --- FOS; FOS --- CommunityFOS; FOS --- FamilyFOS; FOS --- GoldenEagle;

     District Committee

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    We are located in west Georgia, serving Scouts in Carroll, Douglas, and Haralson counties. We serve all ages of Scouts from all backgrounds. Scouting programs include Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing, and Varsity Scouts. There is something for any youth from the first grade up to age 21.