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Serving youth in west Georgia's Carroll, Douglas, and Haralson counties.

District Committee

What we do

The District Committee is responsible for the day-to-day operations of our district.

Who are we

Helen Albrightson is your District Committee Chair. She is responsible for coordinating the activities of the various individuals and groups that make up our District Committee. The committee’s work is divided among four groups:

District Committee organizational chart

Below is a chart that depicts the organization of our District Committee. You may notice that several positions say “vacant” next to them: these are all places where we could use your help either directly or via a suggestion of someone we could reach out to that might be interested in helping.

Note: You may have to scroll a bit to see the chart. This is due to how large it is and is an unfortunate byproduct of the tool that creates the image. I have no idea why it feels it needs such a large amount of space above and below it.

graph LR DistrictChair[District Chair: Helen Albrightson] NominatingCommittee[Nominating Committee: Kent Lovvorn] ViceChairFinance[Vice Chair of Finance: John Sammon] GeneralFinance[General Finance: vacant] CampCardSales[Camp Card Sales: Charlene Bond] PopcornSales[Popcorn Sales: Samantha Kornegay] UnitFundraising[Unit Fundraising: vacant] FOS[Friends of Scouting: vacant] CommunityFOS[Community FOS: vacant] FamilyFOS[Family FOS: vacant] GoldenEagle[Golden Eagle: vacant] ViceChairMembership[Vice Chair of Membership: Andy Camp] Membership[Membership: vacant] SNFS[SNFS: vacant] SpringRecruitment[Spring Recruitment: vacant] NewUnits[New Units: vacant] VenturingExploring[Venturing Exploring: vacant] Retention[Retention: vacant] ViceChairProgram[Vice Chair of Program: Georgia Deakin] CampingOutdoor["Camping & Outdoor: vacant"] DayCampPromotion[Day Camp Promotion: vacant] OA[Order of the Arrow: vacant] ResidentCamp[Resident Camp: vacant] HealthSafety["Health & Safety vacant"] ActivitiesCivicService["Activities & Civic Service: vacant"] Camporee[Camporee: vacant] PinewoodDerby[Pinewood Derby: vacant] ServiceProjectsCivicService["Service Projects & Civic Service: vacant"] HornadayAward[Hornaday Award: vacant] DistrictBanquet[District Banquet: Samantha Kornegay] AdvancementRecognition["Advancement & Recognition: Mike Handyside"] EagleBOR[Eagle BOR: vacant] MeritBadge[Merit Badge: Wendy Cullison] Recognitions[Recognitions: vacant] ReligiousAwards[Religious Awards: vacant] DistrictAwards[District Awards: Scott Bates] Communications[Communications: Gene Liverman] Training[Training: Kyle Taylor] CubScout[Cub Scout: vacant] ScoutsBSA[Scouts BSA: vacant] NYLT[NYLT: vacant] YPT[YPT: vacant] DE0[District Executive: Carter Smith] DE0 -.- DistrictChair L2EC0[Life to Eagle Coach: Eric McDonald] AdvancementRecognition --- L2EC0 L2EC1[Life to Eagle Coach: James Hembree] AdvancementRecognition --- L2EC1 DistrictChair --- NominatingCommittee DistrictChair --- ViceChairFinance ViceChairFinance --- GeneralFinance; GeneralFinance --- CampCardSales; GeneralFinance --- PopcornSales; GeneralFinance --- UnitFundraising; ViceChairFinance --- FOS; FOS --- CommunityFOS; FOS --- FamilyFOS; FOS --- GoldenEagle; DistrictChair --- ViceChairMembership ViceChairMembership --- Membership Membership --- SNFS Membership --- SpringRecruitment Membership --- NewUnits Membership --- VenturingExploring Membership --- Retention DistrictChair --- ViceChairProgram ViceChairProgram --- ActivitiesCivicService ActivitiesCivicService --- Camporee ActivitiesCivicService --- PinewoodDerby ActivitiesCivicService --- ServiceProjectsCivicService ActivitiesCivicService --- HornadayAward ActivitiesCivicService --- DistrictBanquet ViceChairProgram --- AdvancementRecognition AdvancementRecognition --- EagleBOR AdvancementRecognition --- MeritBadge AdvancementRecognition --- Recognitions AdvancementRecognition --- ReligiousAwards AdvancementRecognition --- DistrictAwards ViceChairProgram --- CampingOutdoor CampingOutdoor --- DayCampPromotion; CampingOutdoor --- OA; CampingOutdoor --- ResidentCamp; CampingOutdoor --- HealthSafety; ViceChairProgram --- Communications ViceChairProgram --- Training Training --- CubScout Training --- ScoutsBSA Training --- NYLT Training --- YPT

More information

Information from individual committees can be found on the following pages:

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We are located in west Georgia, serving Scouts in Carroll, Douglas, and Haralson counties. We serve all ages of Scouts from all backgrounds. Scouting programs include Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing, and Varsity Scouts. There is something for any youth from the first grade up to age 21.