September 2022 Newsletter

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September 2022 Newsletter

The temperature is finally starting to drop a little, but that doesn’t mean we are slowing down any! This month’s newsletter contains details on several upcoming events, where we stand as a district on being trained and recruiting new youth, and more. There is plenty to be excited about so let’s dive right in.


Kicking things off this month is an update from Kyle on upcoming training opportunities and some stats about where we stand as a district today.

Upcoming Training

  • Today, Sept. 10 was our Online Training Challenge. Our district calendar described it like so: “How many online training modules on can you complete in a day (or in between football games)? Challenge your fellow unit leaders to a friendly competition to see who can learn the most about Scouting online.” Just because the date has past doesn’t mean you can’t still participate.
  • BALOO and IOLS trainings available in nearby areas
  • 24 Sept is University of Scouting at Life University
  • College of Commissioner Science 1 October
  • Cub leader training will be offered on Oct 21 right before BALOO

More details on many of these can be found on the council training calendar.

Also, please join us in-person next week on Thursday, September 15, for our district Roundtable meeting at 7:00pm. We will be meeting at Bethany Christian Church’s Family Life Center at 2868 Carrollton-Villa Rica Highway, between Villa Rica and Carrollton. Our topics will include using Scouting’s Four Points of S.A.F.E. in your unit’s activities, getting parents involved in packs, and tying Filipino and Japanese lashings for troops.

Training stats

screenshot of district training statistics

Assistant Scout Masters are biggest group of untrained leaders our district has. The good news is that this is easily solved by checking for needed courses and/or reaching out to Kyle Taylor for more information.

There are also a few people with expired Youth Protection Training - please go refresh yours if you haven’t done it in about the last year as it likely either expired, or will soon… it is only good for two years and time flies when you’re having fun in Scouting (and in general for most of us).

District Commissioner

Alisha LaPointe shared that every unit within our district has had a simple assessment by a unit commissioner! This is great news as these assessments are designed to help units succeed.

Our commissioner corps is a small, but dedicated group. They are in dire need of assistance though. If you have even the slightest interest in being the bridge between one or more units and council, please reach out via our contact form or reply to the email version of this newsletter.


Shooting Sports Day

We had 34 Cub Scouts participate in Shooting Sports day! Even better than the number of participants was how many different units were represented. From what Kim said, it sounds like they all had a great time!


drawing of a catapult

Registration is now open for our district camporee that’s being held September 16-18. Registration is available via Tentaroo here.

Did I mention there will be catapults? Yup… that’s right, CATAPULTS! Here’s the intro from the Catapult Competition document that was sent out to troops recently:

Patrols are invited to participate in the catapult challenge during the camporee. Two competition categories are open to all patrols: accuracy and distance. There will also be a Commissioner’s Award for best design/appearance.

Historically, the term catapult refers to a wide range of siege machines; however, for the purposes of this competition (and in line with the BSA policies outlined in the BSA Shooting Sports Manual and the Guide to Safe Scouting) catapult is defined as a human-powered throwing arm supported by a base constructed using primarily natural materials and traditional pioneering techniques. Metal rings or loops for rope pulls and synthetic ropes are permitted. The ammunition for this competition will be tennis balls.

The full document can be found here.

Webelos Woods

Registration is also open for Webelos Woods October 21-23 via Tentaroo here. The program will be provided by troops. Any troop wising to participate can propose topics to teach to Georgia.

Deliver the Promise / Cub Field Day

Oct. 29th will be Deliver the Promise and Cub Field Day at Bethany Christian Church. There will be shooting and a Bobcat station as part of the event.

Order of the Arrow

OA’s update is short and sweet this month: come camp with us!

Speaking of the great outdoors…

flyer promoting Trailblazer Adventure Camp

Trailblazer Adventure Camp is a day full of fun for Cub Scouts and their families this Fall at Bert Adams Scout Camp. The members of the Order of the Arrow invite you to attend an exciting and fun-filled weekend including BBs, archery, games and more. Learn Native American History and join us in the dance ring. Learn how to cast a fishing rod. Bring your best skits and join us for a campfire Saturday evening.

Come as a Pack or as a family. Siblings are welcome to join in all of the fun activities! This year’s program will include:

  • Cub Scout Advancement Opportunities
  • Slingshots, BBs and Archery
  • Native American Dancing, Drumming & TeePee Village
  • Crafts
  • Campfire Show

Registration is open at


I was excited to hear that 3 Eagle boards and two approved projects happened in the last month. A a life to Eagle presentation as done too, and more can be done if needed.

Recruiting update

Our District Director Ramon Montgomery shared these stats about the state of recruiting within our district:

  • We have a goal of recruiting 420 youth
  • Currently, we have recruited 222 (53% of goal)
  • 9 sign up completed
  • 11 left to complete
  • 13 left to schedule

New Website

Website Construction Banner

It’s time for us to get a website that better suits our needs… and that work is happening now. If you’d like to get a peek at what’s coming, or be involved in any way, start by having a look at the top comment on It contains a link to a preview of the new site and documents what’s left to do. I’d love to hear what you all think of the new design. I’d also love to know if there is something that you wish our side did or provided that it does not today.