April & May 2020 Newsletter

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April & May 2020 Newsletter

This combined edition of the Indian Springs newsletter comes to you from a place where time is only starting to once again have meaning. Like so many other people I know, sheltering in place has caused me to lose all track of what day it is and even what month it is. The result: one newsletter to rule them all… or to at least cover what’s been going on for the last couple of months. This edition is simply a set of minutes from each meeting. We’ll aim to have a more engauging update again in the next edition.

District Committee Notes 2020-06-04

We started with a prayer, the Pledge, Scout Law, and Scout Oath.

Kent and Helen

Announced multiple people are joining the committee

  • David Kornegay: (acting) District Commissioner. Still needs official council approval however is acting Commissioner until officially appointed.
  • Tyler Black: joining the Membership team under Andy Camp’s leadership
  • Drew Lyle: Vice Chair, training


Next major event on the calendar is the Camporee. Originally it was Aug. 21-23 but it has been moved to Aug. 27-29. Still planning on going to Clinton but that is unconfirmed due to Douglas County still being out of the office.

The current plan is to offer additional programs this fall to help offset the lack of events this summer.


Big push right now is YPT renewals. 9 people are currently expired within our district. Another dozen or so will expire during June so Kyle is reaching out to unit key 3 to try and get them renewed in time.

Kyle is going to return to doing in-person training upon request this month. A couple of units have already put in requests.

BALOO is also on the calendar for October.

Several units recharters still have not processed.

District Committee position specific training is now 100% online and it’s own set of modules. This is in contrast to the old in-person method that was done by the council.


Time has finally started again and newsletters will start flowing again too.

John Sammon

Talked about Friends of Scouting fundraising work - their recent efforts were very fruitful! A small group gathered at his office and made calls for about two hours. We are now at about 80% of our goal for the year.

Andy Camp

Andy talked about where we are membership wise. We are planning to do our normal recruiting when school starts back up but are also prepared to adapt as required. 3 out of 5 superintendents have already agreed to this and a 4th meeting is scheduled. He and our DE’s were optimistic about where things are this year and how next year is looking. School assignments for units will be remaining the same next year too.


Whitney Young award was given to Bill Camp of Troop 62. He has been the Scout Master there for nearly 40 years!

Jacob and Carter

Camp card collection is in progress. They are seeking to get them all turned in as soon as possible.

Popcorn is coming! Online sales are being pushed heavily this year.

Summer camps have officially been closed due to health concerns. Philmont has also closed for the summer.

Joe Masons

Talked about Pack 1 (the virtual pack). During the last meeting there were multiple advancement attained. This has been going well enough that there is talk of continuing it beyond the social distancing time.

Mr. Kim Ah-Low

The Atlanta Area Council’s National Youth Leadership Training Committee has been carefully reviewing Governor Kemp’s executive orders and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Georgia State Department of Health, and our health committee led by Dr. Jeremy Ackerman to determine the safest course of action for the summer NYLT courses. All along the priority has been the health and safety of our Scouts, families, volunteers and volunteer staff.Due to the current pandemic conditions, we are merging our Summer Courses into our Fall and Winter Courses in November and December.

Below are the dates that are currently being offered for the 2020/2021 AAC NYLT Courses.

  • November 21-25, 2020 /Camp Gorman, Bert Adams Scout Camp
  • December 26-31, 2020 /Camp Emerson, Bert Adams Scout CampMay 30 – June 4, 2021 / Camp Jamison, Bert Adams Scout Camp
  • June 6 – 11, 2021 / Camp Jamison, Bert Adams Scout Camp
  • June 13 – 18, 2021 / Camp Jamison, Bert Adams Scout Camp

District Committee Notes 2020-05-07


Opened with invocation by Georgia, scout oath and law

New people

Kent presented Kyle Black from pack 39 for member at large, second is RA Fraker for Camping Chair. RA was already a member at large. Kent put a motion and it was a unanimous agreement. Motion carried


Camping: Woodruf and BA have both delayed openings until June 14th. People scheduled for weeks 1 and 2 can reschedule. BA added a couple of extra weeks. Kyle and group are going to Skymont in middle of the summer. We are not sure what Alalbama is doing regarding camps this year.

Activities: supposed to have meeting next week about camporee with pickets mill. (per Carter) Twilight Camp - Samantha is working on finding options. May do an at home thing but unsure yet


Advancement: Not much to report. Merit Badge Councilors: There is a backlog at council on getting them entered - somewhere around half don’t appear to be rechartered. Encourage people to make sure they are good to go on registration, YPT, and signing up in general.

Georgia said national sent out borad of review guidelines


Last merit badge counselor training in district was three years ago. According to my.scouting training mgr. we are 61% leaders trained, missing 12 unit’s being recharted so that number is not fully accurate. Kyle has been reaching out to unit leaders and key 3 about people needing YPT. 8 leaders expired as of now, about 20 will be expired in the next 30 days. The only way for district members at large to be considered trained is online - the former ways have been done away with.

Kyle asked Georgia about reserving Clinton for baloo in October

Kyle will be setting up another virtual Round Table


We are actively seeking a new district commissioner - Steve has volunteered to help in the interim. Steve is a numbers guy (his words). Kent is looking for suggestions of people to fill the role too.

Friends of Scouting: raising money is naturally challenging right now. ISD has a smaller gap in funding than many other districts. We have three junior volunteers.

JTE: not been top priority mentally during sheltering in place. Waiting to see if National adjusts the requirements this year.

Raved about the virtual round table and about how engaged people were.


Apologized for not sending out the newsletter. talked about getting mailchimp sponsored. Helen asked everyone to take a look at the site to see if we are missing any info.


Thanked everyone for being here. thanked Steve for helping out


Excited to see us all here too. Masons sent out an email for some zoom based den meetings to help with social distancing. FOS team has some new member (yay). Some are here just for doing calls, some will fully join. Recharter - hoping 3 more will post this week.

Also mentioned a new place we can all go camping that is on the line between Carrollton and Bremen


camp cards: june 1st mentioned as a end-of-sale date. there is a link to use for settelingling up.