2020 "Sweet River Summit" Camporee

27 February Announcement

I hope your troop is making plans to attend the Indian Springs/Picketts Mill combined “Sweet River Summit” Camporee on March 27-29. We are getting all our plans together. Linked below you will find the probable games we will have. Some may not be “judged,” but most are focusing on “All Abilities” and the requirements for the Disabilities Awareness Merit Badge. We plan to camp behind the white house at Clinton, assuming it dries out a little bit. (the area was surprisingly dry last weekend!) Because Clinton is a public park, this will give a little more privacy to our camping areas. We still plan to have our games and events in the fields around the park. Webelos/AOLs are not left out of this weekend! We are inviting all Webelos and AOLs to join us for Saturday. Our suggestion is that they arrive just after lunch. They can stay for the afternoon, and then can either leave, get some dinner and return, or make arrangements to join a troop for dinner if they’d like to stay for campfire. The best part is that some of the activities may count for Webelos/AOL elective Aware and Care (Webelos will not be included in competitions but can participate for fun). More information will be forthcoming, including a schedule and other important details.