2019 Webelos Woods

2019 Webelos Woods logo

October 25 – 27, 2019

Clinton Nature Preserve

8720 Ephesus Church Rd,

Villa Rica, GA


Scouts, Scouters and Parents, It is that time again – Webelos Woods! Webelos Woods is a camporee-style weekend where we focus on advancement for Webelos and AOL/Webelos II Scouts. Program is provided by Scouts BSA troops within our district. This gives the Webelos an unique experience – learning by doing and by observing what scouts at the next level do. The location of Clinton Nature Preserve gives us the perfect balance between camping in the woods and having some of the comforts of home – there are real restrooms available, at the back of the house for adults and in the permanent restroom building for scouts. Due to the nature of this activity, we strongly encourage you to leave siblings at home. This is not a family camp. This is a trip for Webelos dens/patrols and parents. If a pack or den chooses not to participate, we do encourage parents to bring their scouts on their own. There are no activities for younger siblings, and many of the activities are age appropriate for Webelos Scouts. If there is a situation where a Webelos Scout cannot attend without parents bringing the sibling, we of course want the Webelos Scout there. However, we ask that you are prepared for the probability that the sibling will not be able to participate in activities. The schedule on Saturday will be a round robin where packs will move between the various activities on a set schedule. Individual scouts will be paired for the day with another pack. The following advancement requirements have been covered in past years:

  • Webelos Adventure Cast Iron Chef 2,3
  • Webelos Adventure First Responder
  • Webelos Adventure
  • Webelos Walkabout 3, 5
  • Webelos/AOL Elective Castaway
  • AOL Adventure Outdoor Adventurer
  • AOL Adventure Scouting Adventure 5

Please note that we do not sign off on advancements – that is at the discretion of the Cub Scout Leader. Cub Scout advancement is based upon the principle of Do Your Best, and as we do not know the scouts, we cannot judge a scout’s “Best.”

Registration and Cost

Registration is on the council website via Tentaroo.

Cost for Webelos is $10 per scout and $5 per adult. There is no cost for Scouts BSA, as they are providing the program. Registration will close on October 23. After that date, all payments will be at the event. Please contact Georgia Deakin at ddeakin@comcast.net with numbers you plan to register at the door so that we can plan properly. All meals are up to the pack/troop/individual. The Order of the Arrow will be cooking for Friday dinner for your convenience. Prices are below:

  • Hot Dog $2
  • Hamburger $3
  • Chips $1
  • Drink $1
  • Candy Bar $1 - $2
  • Hot Dog Combo w/chips and drink $4
  • Hamburger Combo w/ Chips and drink $5
  • 2 Meat Combo w/ chips and drink $6


Check-in begins at 4 PM on Friday. Before that time, staff will not be available. Check-out on Sunday will begin at 10 AM, after the Sunday Service.

Appropriate Clothing

Activity Shirts are the uniform of the day for most of the weekend, including morning flags. A Pack or troop t-shirt is ideal. Other scouting appropriate shirts are acceptable. Closed toe shoes are always required. Field Dress uniform as available is requested for campfire Saturday evening, and for Sunday service. As Scouts, all should be prepared “for any old thing.” Weather in late October can be unpredictable. Scouts should dress in layers and be prepared for rain. Over the past few years, we have had 80 and sunny, 45 and rain, and 30 and wind. The program will go on except in cases of hazardous weather such as lightning or tornadoes. Despite myths to the contrary, the Guide to Safe Scouting does not regulate camping at any specific temperature. It is up to each pack to be trained in Hazardous Weather (on-line) and to make decisions for their own group.


Though much of the program is advancement based rather than competition based, there are a few competitions for the Webelos dens/patrols: Den/Patrol Flags – AOL adventure Scouting Adventure #3 introduces the patrol method. One item that is mentioned is to come up with an emblem and make a patrol flag to encourage Scout Spirit. We will be giving ribbons for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place Den/Patrol flags. Some items we will be looking for are: patrol name, logo, pack number, fleur de lis, “AAC” and “Indian Springs District”, and names of members, as well as general creativity. Please drop flags off after morning flags, and you can pick them up at lunch time. Entrée/Dessert competition – Staff likes to eat and likes to taste what you are eating. We don’t want to taste what your adults are eating – unless they are eating the same thing. So whip up your favorite entrée and/or dessert and bring a taste to the staff at headquarters. We will award 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for each (dinner entrée and dessert). No fair fixing something the kids aren’t eating to impress us! Please bring your food to headquarters by 6:30 PM along with an index card identifying your dish and the pack/den that made it. If you don’t bring it in a disposable dish, it is your responsibility to come back and pick up your dish after campfire. Campfire Participation – A campfire wouldn’t be much of a campfire without skits and songs. No, there’s no competition for this, but we would really, really appreciate it if you would turn in an index card with your scouting appropriate skit or song name and your pack number. Yes, if you have two dens/patrols you can enter two skits/songs (BUT they should be done by two different groups of people)! If we have room on the program, skits/songs from troops will be accepted. Troops, please remember that your audience is 4th and 5th graders – consider this when deciding if it’s appropriate. Spirit Stick – Of course, the most important competition at Webelos Woods is for the Spirit Stick. This is awarded to the pack that shows the most Scouting Spirit throughout the weekend – they are excited to be there, showing spirit by singing or chanting during the day, and generally following the Scout Oath and Law (friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, etc.) This will be decided by the staff with input from the troops. Scouting Presentations – Webelos Woods would not be possible without help from the Scouts BSA troops that give of their time. Webelos, we ask that you show your appreciation by listening attentively and participating where requested. New this year, we will also ask for you to vote for your favorite presentation. This can be based on their preparation, their set-up, or whatever criteria you choose. Ribbons will be given to the troops that are 1st, 2nd and 3rd.


Friday 10/25

  • 4 PM Check-in begins at White House
  • 6 PM Dinner Available at Large Pavilion
  • 9 PM Patrol Leaders Council – SPL or other scout and adult leader at White House
  • 10 PM Lights out (Cub Side)
  • 11 PM Lights out (Scout Side)

Please abide by Lights out/quiet time, especially on the Cub Scout/Webelos side as we will have younger scouts who are not used to being up that late.

Saturday 10/26

  • Breakfast in Campsites
  • 8:30 AM Flag Ceremony at Ampitheater/Flags
  • Turn in den flags for competition at Headquarters
  • 9 AM Classes begin around camp
  • 12 noon Lunch in campsites
  • Turn in skits/songs for campfire at Headquarters
  • 1:30 PM Classes begin again around camp
  • 5 PM Dinner Preparations in campsites
  • 6:30 PM Turn in for desserts/entrees at Headquarters
  • 7 PM Campfire pickup in campsites
  • 9 PM Troop Visitation in campsites
  • 10 PM Lights out (Cub Side)
  • 11 PM Lights out (Scout Side)

Sunday 10/27

  • Breakfast in campsites
  • 9 AM Scouts Own/Interfaith Service at Ampitheater
  • 10 AM Check-out around camp

Please ensure that you leave your camp site better than you found it. Trash may be left in the dumpster in the parking lot closest to the road or taken home with you. Above all, the rule is to HAVE FUN!